Football quiz #1- World Cup winning captains and managers

By Soccer Blog | Sep 9, 2007

Here are a set of five questions that will test your knowledge of the beautiful game. Today’s theme is ” World Cup winning captains and managers”.

1.) Who was the manager when Uruguay won the first ever football World Cup ? Clue- A current Uruguyuan second division club has its stadium named after him.
2.) Who was Brazil’s manager when Pele won his first ever World Cup medal ?

3.) Which famous World Cup winning manager once said ” The ball is round, the game lasts 90 minutes, the rest is pure theory”. Also give the year and the team with which he won.

4.) England won the World Cup in 1966, thus becoming the second host nation to do so after Italy. Name the English captain and their manager.

5.) Who coached Argentina when they won their maiden World Cup title on home soil? He has also managed Boca Juniors, Newell’s Old Boys, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid amongst other teams in his career.

Here are the answers in Rot13.

1.) Nyoregb Fhccvpv

2.)Ivpragr Srbyn

3.)Frcc Ureoretre- Ur jba vg jvgu Treznal va 1954.

4.) Pncgnva- Obool Zbber
Pbnpu- Nys Enzfrl

5.)Prfne Zrabggv.

If you have got the five above, try getting the four below.
1.) Which team, currently playing in the AFC Eastern Division, became the first AFL team to beat an NFL team with a win over the Colts in the Third Super Bowl ?

Ans.) New York Jets

2.) Which American football team, founded in 1932, has the largest stadium in the NFL ? They have won the Super Bowl thrice, and are right up there with the most valuable sports franchisees in the USA.

Ans.) Washington Redskins.

3.) Of which team is Blitz the mascot of ?

Ans.) Seattle Seahawks.

4.) Which western division team faced the Green Bay Packers when the Wisconsin team won it’s second successive AFL- NFL world Championship game in 1968 ?

Ans.) Oakland Raiders.

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