San Marino vs Germany 0-8 Serge Gnabry Goals Hat Trick Highlights Hector Khedira Video 2016 WC Qualifying

By Soccer Blog | Nov 11, 2016

San Marino vs Germany 2016 (San Marino-Germany VIDEO BELOW)

Final score and result:- San Marino vs Germany 0-8 (Gnabry*3, Hector*2, Khedira, Volland, Stefanelli OG)

Serravalle-11 November, 2016- World Cup 2018 Qualifier

Ex Gunners medio Serge Gnabry scores a hat trick on his Germany debut as they beat San Marino 8-0

7:28 duration, English commentary, Video embed source

San Marino vs Germany 0-1 (Khedira goal v San Marino 7′)
San Marino v Germany 0-2 (Gnabry goal v San Marino 9′)
San Marino vs Germany 0-3 (Hector goal v San Marino 32′)
San Marino Germany 0-4 (Gnabry goal v San Marino 58′)
San Marino Germany 0-5 (Hector goal v San Marino 65′)
San Marino vs Germany 0-6 (Gnabry goal v San Marino 76′)
San Marino vs Germany 0-7 (Stefanelli own goal v Germany 82′)
San Marino vs Germany 0-8 (Volland goal v San Marino 85′)

San Marino v Germany 2016 attendance:- 3,851

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