Tottenham Attendance Figures 2017-18 Home Fixtures | Spurs Wembley Crowds 17-18 Season

By Soccer Blog | Dec 20, 2017

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Here are Tottenham Hotspur’s attendances for the 2017/2018 season, including home games in the Premiership, Champions League and all Cup competitions.

With THFC moving to Wembley full time in 2017/18, they are now the club with the second highest average attendance in the Premier League (Manchester United are first), moving above the likes of Arsenal, West Ham, Man City and Liverpool. Spurs’ average attendance in the 2016/17 PL was 31,639, which put them 9th for average league attendance last season.

What is Tottenham’s highest overall attendance at Wembley during 2017/18 (all competitions included)?

It is the 84,667 crowd that watched Spurs play Manchester United in the FA Cup Semifinal on 21 April, 2018. It beat the 84,010 previous record, also set this season, from the Spurs v Juventus Champions League game.

What is Spurs’ highest Premier League attendance this 17/18 season?

The 83,222 crowd that watched the North London Derby v Arsenal on 10 February, 2018. That was the third time that Spurs broke the Premier League attendance record in 2017/18- the 81,978 fans who trooped in to watch THFC beat Manchester United 2-0 on 31 January, 2018, and the 80,827 for the Spurs 4-0 Liverpool game on 22 October, 2017 were also record breaking crowds (at that time)

What is Spurs’ lowest league attendance in the 2017/18 season?

It is the 50,034 that watched Spurs take on West Ham United on January 4, 2018.

Edit Note– The original figure released for Spurs v Brighton was 46,438- it was quoted on Yahoo, Kicker, L’Equipe and many other major news outlets. However the official figure for that game later seems to have changed to 55,124.

Another example is Spurs v Southampton. Original figure released was 55,412, but was later changed to 57,297. We’ve taken the revised figures into account for compiling these stats.

What is Tottenham’s lowest Wembley attendance in 2017/18 (all competitions)?

It is the 23,826 who watched Spurs beat Barnsley 1-0 in the League Cup on 19 September, 2017

What is Tottenham’s average attendance at Wembley this season? (Stats as of 13 May, 2018 after Spurs v Leicester League game)

Average Spurs attendance in 17/18 Premier League– 68,052 (1292988/19)
Average Spurs home attendance in 2017/18 Champions League– 69,454 (277814/4)
Average Tottenham attendance in 17/18 League Cup– 29,997 (59994/2)
Average Tottenham 2017/18 FA Cup Wembley attendance– 48,942 (195768/4)
Overall average Tottenham Wembley Attendance in 2017/18– 62,985 (1826564/29)

Tottenham Hotspur Wembley Crowds 2017-2018

20 August 2017Spurs 1-2 Chelsea73,587League
27 August 2017Spurs 1-0 Burnley67,862League
13 September 2017Spurs 3-1 Dortmund67,343UCL
16 September 2017Spurs 0-0 Swansea65,366League
19 September 2017Spurs 1-0 Barnsley23,826EFL Cup (League)
14 October 2017Spurs 1-0 Bournemouth73,502League
22 October 2017Spurs 4-1 Liverpool80,827League
25 October 2017Spurs 2-3 West Ham36,168EFL Cup (League)
1 November, 2017Spurs 3-1 Real Madrid83,782UCL
5 November 2017Spurs 1-0 Palace65,270League
25 November, 2017Spurs 1-1 WBA65,905League
6 December, 2017Spurs 3-0 APOEL42,679UCL
9 December, 2017Spurs 5-1 Stoke62,202League
14 December, 2017Spurs 2-0 Brighton55,124League
26 December 2017Spurs 5-2 Southampton57,297League
4 January 2018Spurs 1-1 West Ham50,034League
7 January 2018Spurs 3-0 Wimbledon47,527FA Cup
13 January 2018Spurs 4-0 Everton76,251League
31 January 2018Spurs 2-0 Man Utd81,978League
7 February 2018Spurs 2-0 Newport38,947FA Cup
10 February 2018Spurs 1-0 Arsenal83222League
28 February 2018Spurs 6-1 Rochdale24,627FA Cup
3 March 2018Spurs 2-0 HTAFC68,311League
7 March 2018Spurs 1-2 Juventus84,010UCL
14 April 2018Spurs 1-3 Man City80,811League
21 April 2018Spurs 1-2 Man Utd84,667FA Cup
30 April 2018Spurs 2-0 Watford52,675League
9 May 2018Spurs 1-0 Newcastle54,923League
13 May 2018Spurs 5-4 Leicester77,841League
Attendances at Wembley for Spurs home games during 17/18 season
17 Comments so far
  1. SS January 13, 2018 7:11 pm

    Interesting that more people turned up at Spurs v Everton (76251) compared to Spurs v Chelsea (73587).

  2. Robert Sumner January 20, 2018 11:35 am

    Hi, your attendance figure for Tottenham v Brighton is incorrect, it was 55,124 as reported on premier league (dot) com and tottenhamhotspur (dot) com.

  3. Soccer Blog January 20, 2018 2:39 pm

    Hi Robert,

    This is an interesting one. The original figure released was most definitely 46,438- you can see several major media outlets with that figure- Yahoo, Kicker, LEquipe and even esp n. They might have decided to update the figure later on- we’ll add a note in this regard.

  4. Bernie January 30, 2018 8:30 am

    What is the max attendance at wembley for the league matches? Have any of them been sold out? I want to get 18 tickets for Spurs vs Newcastle when they go on general sale for the Friday 16th March game. Do you think the game will be sold out or should I be ok to get the full 18?

  5. Bernie January 30, 2018 12:11 pm

    Hi again.
    I just saw that this match might not go ahead anyway – depending on if we get to the FA Cup quarter finals!

  6. Anton Packheiser January 31, 2018 11:41 pm

    Why was our home game on 4th January so low (50,000) I would have expected 70,000 plus!

  7. Matt February 1, 2018 9:29 pm

    There were a number of factors that led to a lower than normal attendance. The original date for the game was scheduled to be 30th December. The FA decided that if the game were to go ahead on this date then only the bottom 2 tiers of Wembley would be opened due bizarrely to a shortage of train drivers working on that date. The tickets were therefore not put on sale until a new date of 4th Jan was decided upon. This took some weeks to decide and so the tickets were on sale for a much shorter period than normal. Also Wembley is difficult to get home from for many supporters midweek and many would have had work the next day on the new date. There is also the reality that some families may have stayed away because of the later kick off time and because of recent incidents of fighting between both sets of supporters in recent times

  8. Matt February 1, 2018 9:30 pm

    The police put a limit on the attendance for the Chelsea game for safety reasons

  9. Homer February 3, 2018 2:17 pm

    ‘Interesting that more people turned up at Spurs v Everton (76251) compared to Spurs v Chelsea (73587).’

    That was because the Everton game went to general sale, meaning anyone could buy tickets.. London derbies and top six games go on restricted sale, meaning you have to either have a Spurs membership or have bought Spurs tickets within the last couple of months or so.

    These restrictions are imposed by the police in consultation with local residents and safety authorities etc.

  10. Homer February 3, 2018 2:50 pm

    ‘What is the max attendance at wembley for the league matches? Have any of them been sold out? I want to get 18 tickets for Spurs vs Newcastle when they go on general sale for the Friday 16th March game. Do you think the game will be sold out or should I be ok to get the full 18?’

    To get 18 seats together I’d strongly advise you book as soon as you can from the time they go on general sale, otherwise you’ll find the only options left will be right up in the gods. However I’d be surprised if a Friday evening ko at Wembley will get anywhere near being a sell-out so provided it does not go to restricted sale only you should be okay.
    Another reason the Everton game sold so well was because the ko was at 5.30pm on a Saturday evening, which meant large numbers of parents were able to take their young kids along. Fewer parents want to do that for an 8pm ko because even if they leave before the final whistle most will not get home (and their kids to bed) much before midnight. On top of that, certain overhead trains stop running altogether quite early on a Friday evening.

  11. Smudger Smith February 12, 2018 4:01 pm

    One reason Chelsea attendance lower than Everton is that in August many people are on holiday, ticket prices were higher than for Everton game and tickets were on restricted sale you had to be on the THFC register before a certain date in 2017. There is also something not quite right on how Wembley tickets are sold, Arsenal game was sold out about 3 weeks ago for general admission yet there was a quite a large block of empty seats at the back on the upper tier centre south also a small block on middle tier south west corner.

  12. Ian Young February 17, 2018 11:15 pm

    What is the financial arrangement with the FA. Are Spurs paying rent? Why are Spurs not restricted to selling only the same number of tickets as the current max capacity of WHL. Also. How can it be FAIR that a league team is allowed to play home games at the national stadium. Unfair advantage if Spurs contest a cup final or FA Cup semi! Absolute disgrace!!

  13. tony young February 19, 2018 11:48 pm

    Spurs made an arrangement to play all their games at Wembley for the 2017/18 season, as their stadium at white hart lane has been demolished and a new stadium is now fully completed and should be ready for kick off this August. Of course they pay the FA rent, and why would you restrict the number of ticket sales when more fans are able to see the matches this season, must be a good thing for football! Spurs will have no unfair advantage if or should I say when they reach the FA Cup final this May, as it will not be a home game for them, the tickets will be distributed between the 2 clubs contesting it and the fa distributes thousands of tickets to local clubs throughout the UK! Where is the disgrace Ian?

  14. Neil Camp March 4, 2018 1:43 pm

    Spurs playing home games at Wembley has been an obvious disadvantage to them, especially at the beginning of the season (2017-18). That is obvious to anyone who watches the games, as the opposition and their supporters have risen to the Wembley occasion. So I think, Ian Young, you are not correct in your comments.
    It seems possible that Chelski will also play home games at Wembley when their new stadium is developed in the next few years. Let’s see what sort of crowds they get at Wembley.
    This site shows you the Spurs average attendance for this years games. I suspect that the maximum possible (90,000) can never be allowed to be reached as the FA/Police etc block out so many seats for security/safety reasons. I think you can never be allowed to have more than 87,000.
    If Spurs do make semi- or FA Cup finals then they will only be allocated tickets in the same way that competing clubs have been in the past by the FA have always done in the past.This means that IF Spurs do make the FA Cup final this year nearly 25,000 regular supports wont get tickets. I hope you happy about that bit of unfairness Ian Young. But since Spurs are bound to mess it up you wont have to gloat.

    Brilliant blog, whoever you are. I only use e-mail as I am old and feeble.

  15. Keith Newman March 6, 2018 11:59 am

    These figures support my view that Spurs have made a huge error in limiting our new stadium to 61,500. Our average league attendance is 68,450 and only 4 league games at home have been below our new stadium capacity, with most of these games over the Christmas period. It makes no sense either financially or in terms of atmosphere. If as I believe the new stadium limit was put in place by the local council we should have moved to somewhere else. This will also eradicate the travel problems have have made White Hart Lane the worse league ground to and from. The infrastructure can’t handle 36,600 people so Christ knows what travel will be like when we get to the new stadium.

  16. Jim Sweeney March 21, 2018 6:57 am

    Larger crowds and grounds do have anything to do with atmosphere. Just look at what has happened to West Ham and the “no atmosphere” situation at London Stadium. Spurs’ new ground has been designed to keep the crowd noise in the ground.

  17. Kris Barton May 14, 2018 11:32 am

    I believe Arsenal’s best years by far were their last ones at Highbury when they won the premiership on a regular basis and went through a whole season undefeated. Since they moved into the Emirates 12 years ago they have been in steady decline no more league titles and hardly ever advanced past the group stages of the Champions league. Larger Stadiums often have that effect as the close atmosphere is lost. I only hope Spurs will not find the same problem but certainly hope that Chelsea do.

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