Champions League Attendances 2018-2019 | UCL Crowd Figures 18-19 season

By Soccer Blog | Sep 26, 2018

Here is a list of attendance figures from the 2018/19 edition of the Champions League. Contains statistics from the group stage proper- so qualifying rounds and playoff games are not included.

Figures updated after MD 4 (Match Week 4 games on November 7, 2018)

What is the highest attendance for a Champions League game in the 2018/19 season?

As of date, that would be the 86,290 in attendance at the Nou Camp for Barcelona vs Inter Milan on October 24, 2018. Barca, sans the injured Leo Messi, won the game 2-0.

Which is the lowest attended Champions League game in the 18/19 season?

Technically, it is the Lyon vs Shakhtar MD2 game, which was played behind closed doors, and so had an attendance of 0. That game ended in a 2-2 draw.

Otherwise, it’s the Monaco vs Club Brugge game, which saw 8,347 in attendance at Stade Louis II on November 6, 2018

What is the average attendance for a Champions League match in the 2018-19 season?

After MD4 (games up to November 6, 2018), it is 46,371. Total attendance 29,67,741/64 games

Average attendance by group in the 2018-19 Champions League season (Rounded off)

Group B: 61,658 (Barca, Inter, Spurs, PSV)
Group E: 56,106 (Ajax, Bayern, Benfica, AEK)
Group C: 48,091 (Liverpool, Red Star, Napoli, PSG)
Group G: 47,864 (Real, Roma, CSKA, Plzen)
Group H: 46,842 (Man Utd, Juve, Young Boys, Valencia)
Group A: 39,628 (Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, Brugge, Monaco)
Group D: 38,192 (Galatasaray, Porto, Schalke, Lokomotiv)
Group F: 32,586 (Man City, Lyon, Shakhtar, Hoffenheim)

A1Brugge 0-1 Dortmund25,181
A1Monaco 1-2 Atletico10,575
B1Barcelona 4-0 PSV73,462
B1Inter 2-1 Tottenham64,123
C1Liverpool 3-2 PSG52,478
C1Red Star 0-0 Napoli49,112
D1Galatasaray 3-0 Lokomotiv43,542
D1Schalke 1-1 Porto45,755
E1Ajax 3-0 AEK52,285
E1Benfica 0-2 Bayern60,274
F1Shakhtar 2-2 Hoffenheim28,336
F1Man City 1-2 Lyon40,111
G1Real Madrid 3-0 Roma69,251
G1Plzen 2-2 CSKA11,312
H1Young Boys 0-3 Man Utd31,120
H1Valencia 1-1 Juventus46,067
E2Bayern 1-1 Ajax70,000
E2AEK 2-3 Benfica31,154
F2Hoffenheim 1-2 Man City24,851
F2Lyon 2-2 Shakhtar0
G2CSKA 1-0 Real Madrid71,811
G2Roma 5-0 Plzen41,243
H2Juventus 3-0 YB40,961
H2Man Utd 0-0 Valencia73,569
A2Atletico 3-1 Brugge55,742
A2Dortmund 3-0 Monaco66,099
B2Tottenham 2-4 Barcelona82,137
B2PSV 1-2 Inter34,750
C2PSG 6-1 Red Star39,979
C2Napoli 1-0 Liverpool37,057
D2Lokomotiv 0-1 Schalke21,471
D2Porto 1-0 Galatasaray42,711
E3AEK 0-2 Bayern61,221
E3Ajax 1-0 Benfica52,489
F3Hoffenheim 3-3 Lyon24,144
F3Shakhtar 0-3 Man City37,106
G3Roma 3-0 CSKA46005
G3Real Madrid 2-1 Plzen67,356
H3Young Boys 0-1 Valencia31,120
H3Man Utd 0-1 Juventus73,946
A3Brugge 1-1 Monaco23,957
A3Dortmund 4-0 Atletico66,099
B3PSV 2-2 Tottenham35,000
B3Barcelona 2-0 Inter86,290
C3PSG 2-2 Napoli46,274
C3Liverpool 4-0 Red Star53,024
D3Lokomotiv 1-3 Porto16,034
D3Galatasaray 0-0 Schalke46,667
A4Monaco 0-4 Brugge8,347
A4Atletico 2-0 Dortmund61,023
B4Inter 1-1 Barcelona70,915
B4Tottenham 2-1 PSV46,588
C4Red Star 2-0 Liverpool51,318
C4Napoli 1-1 PSG55,489
D4Porto 4-1 Lokomotiv34,616
D4Schalke 2-0 Galatasaray54,740
E4Bayern 2-0 AEK70,000
E4Benfica 1-1 Ajax51,328
F4Lyon 2-2 Hoffenheim53,850
F4Man City 6-0 Shakhtar52,286
G4CSKA 1-2 Roma64,454
G4Viktoria Plzen 0-5 Real11,483
H4Valencia 3-1 Young Boys36,480
H4Juventus 1-2 Man Utd41,470

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