Liverpool vs Sporting Lisbon 2019 Attendance 31,112 Yankee Stadium 2-2 Highlights Origi Wijnaldum Mignolet Error Video

By Soccer Blog | Jul 25, 2019

Liverpool vs Sporting Lisbon 2019 (LFC-SCP VIDEO BELOW)

Final score and result:- Liverpool vs Sporting 2-2 (Origi, Wijnaldum/Bruno Fernandes, Wendel)

Yankee Stadium- 24 July, 2019- Pre-season friendly

Liverpool draw 2-2 with Sporting Lisbon in a pre-season friendly in front of a 31,112 strong crowd at Yankee Stadium

Extended English, courtesy S’Ble

LFC Sporting 0-1 (Bruno Fernandes goal vs Liverpool 4′)
LFC Sporting 1-1 (Origi goal v Sporting 20′)
Liverpool vs Sporting 2-1 (Wijnaldum goal vs Sporting 44′)
LFC vs Sporting 2-2 (Wendel goal vs Liverpool 53′)

LFC v Sporting Lisbon 2019 attendance:- 31,112

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