Lincoln City vs Liverpool 2-7 Goals 2020 Curtis Jones Minamino Origi Grujic Full Time Post Match Stats

By Soccer Blog | Sep 25, 2020

Lincoln City vs Liverpool 2020 (Lincoln-LFC 2020)

Final score and result: Lincoln vs Liverpool 2-7 (Edun, Montsma/Shaqiri, Minamino*2, Jones*2, Grujic, Origi)

24 September, 2020

Braces for Minamino and Jones see Liverpool beat Lincoln City 7-2 in the Cup

Full time post match stats Lincoln on the left, Liverpool on the right

Lincoln vs Liverpool Full Time Stats 2020

Lincoln-Liverpool 0-1 (Shaqiri goal vs Lincoln 9′)
Lincoln v Liverpool 0-2 (Minamino goal vs Lincoln 18′)
Lincoln LFC 0-3 (Curtis Jones first goal vs Lincoln 32′)
Lincoln v LFC 0-4 (Curtis Jones second goal vs Lincoln 36′)
Lincoln Liverpool 0-5 (Minamino second goal vs Lincoln 46′)
Lincoln vs Liverpool 1-5 (Edun goal vs Liverpool 60′)
Lincoln vs LFC 1-6 (Grujic goal vs Lincoln 65′)
Lincoln City LFC 2-6 (Montsma goal vs Liverpool 66′)
Lincoln vs Liverpool 2-7 (Origi goal vs Lincoln 8 9)

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