Controversial Fernandinho tackle on Raphinha 2021 at the end | Red card or not?

By Soccer Blog | Apr 10, 2021

This Fernandinho tackle on Raphinha towards the end of the City Leeds game was a controversial one, with some fans feeling that it was a cynical foul from Fernandinho (no attempt to play the ball), and therefore warranted a red card. Some others also felt that it was a denial of a goal scoring opportunity, especially given Raphinha’s pace.

Fernandinho vs Raphinha foul incident

There was a Sterling stamp on Raphinha that went unpunished, while Liam Cooper was sent off for a foul on Gabriel Jesus.

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  1. Paddy April 24, 2021 10:02 am

    This should have been a straight red card.

  2. Mike Hadlow May 2, 2021 4:27 pm

    Game open to corruption. Refs. Can still and always have been able to influence games as they want????? Need to make them accountable for poor decisions. Need to stop players diving, screaming in agony and play acting. Especially when there up running around without a problem seconds later. Retrospective action should be introduced.

  3. Wendelin May 3, 2021 3:45 pm

    I agree, Paddy! When I saw it live, I was fuming, as the S k y commentator after seeing the replay recommended this foul as a good decision, as `according to the Raphinha speed Fernandinho had no other choice than committing this foul`. I totally disagree! Reminds me of old times, when many creative players like the young Maradona were systematically kicked out of the game and hurt for months. Then the FIFA and the board reacted and tightened their guidelines against brutal and dangerous behaviour since 1982. And football changed much to the better. But in the last years I miss consequent refereeing. Raw or brute foul must be red carded. And crash-fouls must be measured by the victim´s speed and the whole effect! Even the red card in this case isn´t enough to bring justice. As being reduced to 10 men in minute 77 hasn´t that big impact like losing the best counter striker. And we lost him since and will miss this pearl of a player for maybe the rest of the season. This kind of foul causes much more harm than a fist into the face. So the red card ban should be 6 matches at least. If refs are consequent, all players like Fernandinho will know, that a crash foul will instantly harm their own career. Defenders must learn, they have the choice to let him run and solve the task without a crash.

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