xG Villarreal Liverpool Second Leg May 3 2022 Champions League | Expected Goals Villarreal 2-3 LFC Shots Map

By Soccer Blog | May 3, 2022

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Here is a look at the xG (expected goals) stats from Villarreal v Liverpool (UCL Second Leg Semifinal May 3, 2022). A tale of two halves really- Villarreal had no shot (and therefore no xG) in the entire second half after leading 2-0 at half time, while only 0.09 of Liverpool’s total xG came in the first half (shots for Jota and Keita)

xG Villarreal 1.03- 1.64 Liverpool shots map (Actual score Villarreal 2-3 LFC)

First half xG: Villarreal 1.03-0.09 LFC
Second half xG: Villareal 0.00-1.55 LFC

1-0 3′ Dia goal vs Liverpool xG 0.65
2-0 40′ Coquelin header goal vs Liverpool xG 0.20
2-1 62′ Fabinho goal vs Villarreal xG 0.09 (through the legs of Rulli)
2-2 67′ Diaz header goal vs Villarreal xG 0.33 (free header, through the legs of Rulli)
2-3 74′ Mane goal vs Villarreal xG 0.51 (bad mistake by Rulli)

Some other notable chances/shots/opportunities/misses in Villarreal-Liverpool 2-3

16th minute Moreno header chance v Liverpool xG 0.11 (header blocked by Robertson)
57th minute Diaz chance v Villarreal xG 0.11 (goes for acrobatic, when something simpler might have been better)
66th minute Diaz chance v Villarreal xG 0.08 (blocked/deflected by defender)
80th minute Curtis Jones chance v Villareal xG 0.16 (saved)
89th minute Salah chance vs Villarreal xG 0.14 (wide, but off balance while shooting)

xG Villarreal vs Liverpool Champions League Second Leg 2022

Villarreal vs Liverpool 2-3 Match Stats for comparison

(Villarreal stats on left; LFC match stats on right)

Villarreal 2-3 LFC Match Stats 2022 UCL

Also check out European newspaper player ratings for Villarreal vs Liverpool 2-3 Second Leg.

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