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By Soccer Blog | Aug 15, 2023

Here is a look at the attendance stats for all games at the 2023 Women’s Football World Cup being held in Australia and New Zealand. The Olympic Stadium in Sydney (Stadium Australia) has attracted the highest crowds for WWC 2023, with several games having an attendance of over 75,000 at the venue.

Last updated after England Lionesses vs Spain Final Attendance 75,784 (Stadium Australia, Sydney 20 August 2023)

Spain won the game 1-0, with Olga Carmona (wearing jersey number 19 for Spain Women) scoring the winning goal.

NZ 1-0 Norway42,137Auckland20 July
Australia 1-0 Ireland75,784Sydney 20 July
Nigeria 0-0 Canada21,410Melbourne21 July
Philippines 0-2 Switzerland13,711Dunedin21 July
Spain 3-0 Costa Rica22,966Wellington21 July
USA 3-0 Vietnam 41,107Auckland22 July
Zambia 0-5 Japan16,111Hamilton22 July
England 1-0 Haiti44,369Brisbane22 July
Denmark 1-0 China16,989Perth22 July
Sweden 2-1 South Africa18,317Wellington23 July
Netherlands 1-0 Portugal11,991Dunedin23 July
France 0-0 Jamaica39,045SFS Sydney23 July
Italy 1-0 Argentina30,889Auckland24 July
Germany 6-0 Morocco27,256Melbourne24 July
Brazil 4-0 Panama13,142Adelaide24 July
Colombia 2-0 Korea24,323SFS Sydney25 July
NZ 0-1 Philippines32,357Wellington25 July
Switzerland 0-0 Norway10,769Hamilton25 July
Japan 2-0 Costa Rica6,992Dunedin26 July
Spain 5-0 Zambia20,983Auckland26 July
Canada 2-1 Ireland17,065Perth26 July
USA 1-1 Netherlands27,312Wellington27 July
Portugal 2-0 Vietnam6,645Hamilton27 July
Australia 2-3 Nigeria49,156Brisbane27 July
Argentina 2-2 South Africa8,834Dunedin28 July
England 1-0 Denmark40,439SFS Sydney28 July
China 1-0 Haiti12,675Adelaide28 July
Sweden 5-0 Italy29,143Wellington29 July
France 2-1 Brazil49,378Brisbane29 July
Panama 0-1 Jamaica15,987Perth29 July
Korea 0-1 Morocco12,886Adelaide30 July
Germany 1-2 Colombia40,499SFS Sydney30 July
Switzerland 0-0 NZ25,947Dunedin30 July
Norway 6-0 Philippines34,697Auckland30 July
Japan 4-0 Spain20,957Wellington31 July
Costa Rica 1-3 Zambia8,117Hamilton31 July
Canada 0-4 Australia27,706Melbourne31 July
Ireland 0-0 Nigeria24,884Brisbane31 July
Portugal 0-0 USA42,958Auckland1 August
Vietnam 0-7 Netherlands8,215Dunedin1 August
China 1-6 England13,497Adelaide1 August
Haiti 0-2 Denmark17,897Perth1 August
Argentina 0-2 Sweden17,907Hamilton2 August
South Africa 3-2 Italy14,967Wellington2 August
Panama 3-6 France40,498SFS Sydney2 August
Jamaica 0-0 Brazil27,638Melbourne2 August
Korea 1-1 Germany38,945Brisbane3 August
Morocco 1-0 Colombia17,342Perth3 August
Switzerland 1-5 Spain (Ro16)43,217Auckland5 August
Japan 3-1 Norway (Ro16)33,042Wellington5 August
Netherlands 2-0 SA (Ro16)40,233SFS Sydney6 August
Sweden 0-0 USA (Ro16 5-4 pens)27,706Melbourne6 August
England 0-0 Nigeria (Ro16 4-2 pens)49,461Brisbane7 August
Australia 2-0 Denmark (Ro16)75,784Sydney7 August
Colombia 1-0 Jamaica (Ro16)27,706Melbourne8 August
France 4-0 Morocco (Ro16)13,557Adelaide8 August
Spain 2-1 Netherlands (QF)32,021Wellington11 August
Japan 1-2 Sweden (QF)43,217Auckland11 August
Australia 0-0 France QF (7-6 pens)49,461Brisbane12 August
England 2-1 Colombia (QF)75,784Sydney12 August
Spain 2-1 Sweden (SF)43,217Auckland15 August
Australia 1-3 England (SF)75,784Sydney16 August
Sweden 2-0 Australia (3rd)49,461Brisbane19 August
Spain 1-0 England (Final)75,784Sydney20 August

Lowest attendance at Women’s World Cup 2023?

It is the 6,645 crowd in Hamilton for the Portugal vs Vietnam group game. Hamilton and Dunedin accounted for some of the lowest attendances at the World Cup. For an Australian venue, the 12,675 crowd in Adelaide for China vs Haiti was their lowest of the tournament.

Official crowd attendance for opening game of Women’s World Cup 2023?

42,137 were in attendance at Eden Park in Auckland for NZ vs Norway. New Zealand won the opening game 1-0.

Also check out Player of the Match winners for every WWC 2023 game.

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