xG Rangers 1-7 Liverpool 2022 Champions League | Expected Goals Match Stats RFC vs LFC

By Soccer Blog | Oct 13, 2022

Here is a look at the xG stats from Rangers vs Liverpool in the Champions League on 12 October, 2022. Despite LFC winning 7-1, their team xG score isn’t that high, indicating that the Reds scored some fine, low-percentage goals.

xG Rangers 0.65- 2.27 Liverpool shots map (Actual score RFC 1-7 Liverpool)

1-0 Arfield goal vs Liverpool xG 0.08
1-1 Firmino goal vs Rangers xG 0.18
2-1 Firmino second goal v Rangers xG 0.34
3-1 Nunez goal vs Rangers xG 0.14
4-1 Salah goal v Rangers xG 0.09
5-1 Salah second goal vs Rangers xG 0.06
6-1 Salah hattrick third goal v Rangers xG 0.05
7-1 Elliot goal vs Rangers 0.22

xG Rangers vs Liverpool 2022 Champions League

Rangers vs Liverpool 1-7 Match Stats for comparison

(RFC stats on left; LFC stats on right)

Rangers 1-7 Liverpool Match Stats 2022

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