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By Soccer Blog | Nov 23, 2022

Here is a look at the xG (expected goals) stats from Germany vs Japan (Attendance 42,608 at the Khalifa Stadium) on November 23, 2022. The second major upset in this tournament after Argentina Saudi Arabia. Germany dominated possession-over 70% and shots, but were beaten after taking the lead.

Japan had just ONE shot in the first half, but improved in the second and took their chances. Germany had theirs, with Gnabry, Hoffman and Gundogan all going close, but it wasn’t enough.

xG Germany 3.44-1.73 Japan shots map (Actual score GER 1-2 JPN)

1-0 Gundogan penalty goal vs Japan xG 0.80
1-1 Doan goal vs Germany xG 0.60
1-2 Asano goal vs Germany xG 0.15

xG Germany vs Japan 2022 World Cup

The other big Japanese chance went to Sakai (73rd minute- over the bar)

Germany vs Japan 1-2 WC Match Stats for comparison

(German stats on left; Japan stats on right)

74% possession, 26 shots and 771 passes for Germany compared to 26% possession, 12 shots and 269 passes for Japan.

Germany 1-2 Japan Match Stats 2022

Also check out xG for Spain vs Costa Rica– the other group game- zero xG for CRC there as they failed to have even a single shot in the whole game!

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