Hassan Al-Haydos goal vs Azerbaijan 2021 Friendly for Qatar- Fine Hit

By | Mar 28, 2021

This second Hassan Al-Haydos goal vs Azerbaijan was a lovely long range hit from the Qatar captain in their friendly in Debrecen. The Al-Haydos goal vs Azerbaijan came in the 58th minute- his second of the game after one from the penalty spot to equalise just minutes earlier. Qatar won the game 2-1- a come-from-behind […]

Video Anthony Golec handball vs Sydney FC 2021 for Macarthur incident | Handling the ball in open play

By | Feb 28, 2021

This bizarre Anthony Golec handball vs Sydney FC (VIDEO BELOW) saw the Macarthur left back handle the ball in the centre of the park during their league clash earlier today (February 28, 2021). The goalkeepers hits the ball to Golec, but he uses his hands to stop the ball!

GIF Video Nader Mohammadi Somersault Throw in vs Persepolis 2021 for Paykan | Longest ever throw in?

By | Feb 15, 2021

This Nader Mohammadi throw in vs Persepolis (GIF VIDEO BELOW) was a stunning somersault throw in for Paykan in their Iranian league clash over the weekend. We’re not sure if this Paykan somersault throw-in is the longest ever in terms of distance, but it must be right up there! Must watch stuff. Paykan won the […]

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