European Newspaper Player Ratings England vs Italy Euro 2020 Final- How did Immobile, Chiellini, Chiesa, Shaw play?

By Soccer Blog | Jul 12, 2021

Here is a look at the player ratings for England vs Italy from the big European newspapers (L’Equipe, Bild, Diario AS, Corriere della Sera) following the Azzurri’s penalty shootout triumph at Wembley in the Euro 2021 final. England appeared to opt for a more defensive approach (see xG and match stats for Euro 2020 final) after taking the lead through Man United left back Luke Shaw.

L’Equipe player ratings England vs Italy Euro 2020 final

A 5.7 team rating for Italy versus a 5.5/10 team rating for England from French paper L’Equipe. Gianluigi Donnarumma the best player according to them with a 8/10; Nicolo Barella, Cirro Immobile and Kyle Walker the worst with 4/10 ratings.

L’Equipe also gave referee Bjorn Kuipers a 5/10 rating for his performance.

England vs Italy Euro 2020 Player Ratings L'Equipe

Diario AS player ratings England v Italy 2021 July 11

Three stars for as many as five Italian starters, including Donnarumma and Chiesa, from Spanish paper AS, but none for England’s players.

England v Italy Player Ratings Euro Final 2021 Diario AS

Diario Sport player ratings Euro 2021 Final

A 9/10 to Donnarumma from Diario Sport, and at the other end, they gave a 3/10 rating to Emerson and a 2/10 to Ciro Immobile!

England Italy Player Ratings Diario Sport

Bild player ratings England Italy Euro 2021 Final

(Note 6 is a bad rating in this system, 1 is a very good one)

German newspaper Bild, interestingly, were very generous to England’s players in their player rating.

Luke Shaw the best player on the pitch for Bild, while Ciro Immobile was the worst. They gave Southgate a better manager rating than Mancini.

Euro 2020 Final Player Ratings Bild

Corriere della Sera ratings England 1-1 Italy July 11 2021

Italian paper CdS gave referee Kuipers a 8/10 rating. The same 8/10 was given to the quartet of Donnarumma, Bonucci, Chiellini and Chiesa.

Euro 2021 Final Ratings Corriere della Sera newspaper

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  1. Sean July 12, 2021 12:54 pm

    Bild player ratings for this game are super weird 😀

    Must be done by an England fan!

  2. Alex July 12, 2021 3:03 pm

    Yeah, like a 2 for Kane is WAAAY off !! If Barela scored a 4 (he was poor) then Kane should not have rated any better..

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